Six Degrees of Freedom

As we’ve told earlier in one of our news items, we do not only produce flight simulators gauges and instruments, we also produce complete flight simulators systems.

Some of them are already know by our customers, but since this summer we also have a 6DOF Full motion flight simulator system available, including control loading on bith the dual yoke and dual rudder pedals: The TRC472FGM-CLS.

The TRC Simulators model TRC472FGM-CLS is based on the dimensions and layout of a Cessna 172 production single engine aircraft. This closely represents the overall functionality, performance, avionics, and instrumentation. The platform consists of a cockpit section with motion, instructor’s control station, visual display system and an audio system. It incorporates a combination of hardware and software components that is assembled and checked by TRC Simulators. All hardware elements are permanently installed and designed so the cockpit has the appearance and feel of an actual aircraft. From the pilot’s seated position, there are no computer hardware elements such as keyboards, pointing devices, etc. for his or her use.

More information will follow shortly. But for now here are some small render of the complete system. For more information please use the contact form below these pictures.