Important Shipping Information
Due to the present security measures on international shipments there might be a long delay on delivery for shipments via first class mail (Post NL). This is due to the fact that all packages are security screened at arrival. The delay is especially long for shipments arriving into the USA. Delay on these shipments may run up to 20 working days or more.

UPS Express shipments (overnight delivery) are not delayed or maximum one day. UPS has introduced an extra service which includes a full security check by US Customs approved personnel at all departing airports. Therefore these shipments enter the USA as “screened and OK”.

Information on shipping costs
SimKits offers 2 shipping methods: UPS or Post NL. UPS has several options, which delivers your order with a shipping time of only 1 to 7 days, depending on the part of the world and the selected service. UPS costs are higher, due to this excellent service.

Post NL is the official Dutch First Class Mail service. Pacakages are delivered via your mail man. The costs for this shipping type are reasonable (generally within Europe approx. euro 15.00 to euro 25.00 depending on country and weight). However, shipping might take up to 10 working days in Europe and up to 20 working days to the USA or other countries.

Please add for all shipping methods the internal SimKits order process time, which is 10-15 working days normally.

In your shopping cart you can choose which shipment method you prefer.