TRC 472FGM 6DOF Full Motion Flight Simulator

A 6 degrees of freedom Full Motion Flight Simulator is now more affordable than ever. For the price *) of a static flight simulator system, certifiable up to EASA FNPT II standards, TRC Simulators offers the TRC 472FGM 6DOF Full Motion Flight Simulator System.

We just delivered the first TRC 472FGM Full Motion Flight Simulator for one of our clients. Although the system sits on a 6 degrees of freedom motion platform, the flight simulator still fits in relatively small rooms. It is equipped with control loading on both the dual yoke system and the dual rudder pedals and can be delivered with an analog panel, or a G1000 glass cockpit panel.

The system is certifiable up to EASA FNPT II, including motion (although the system is based on a Cessna 172, it will be certified as a generic, single engine aircraft). The visual inside the enclosure consists of 7 65 inch LED screens with a resolution of 4K per screen. Since each screen is controlled by its own image generating computer system, the frame rate is still 60fps.

For more information and a quotation, including on site installation of the TRC 472FA/GM, please contact our sales department at

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