Instead all TRC Simulators flight simulators are equipped with replicated, but realistic instruments showing no difference in size, position and functionality compared to real instruments. Our TRC 472 Flight Simulator line is based on a Cessna 172. This Cessna 172 Flight Simulator can be configured with an analog panel, or with a glass cockpit panel.

simkitsAll our products are designed in-house and manufactured in the Netherlands. Thanks to
our productions process, almost all our products are available from stock or have a very short lead time. Over 100 moulds have been developed for the production of instruments, while the company has produced a complete Cessna 172 flight simulator. which is designed to meet al EASA requirements on BITD, FNPTI and FNPTII. This simulator can not only be equipped with complete visuals for VFR training, but TRC Simulators is also working on the integration of a moving platform, creating the fully immersive illusion of flight and offering even higher levels of certification.

Together with our partners, we are continuously improving the flight dynamics of our simulators and the certification process for the newly designed flight simulators.

TRC Simulators was founded in 1999 and, thanks to it’s background in technical engineering and product design, has developed many flight instruments and avionics for the flight simulator industry. Since that moment TRC Simulators has taken the lead in the development and production of flight simulator instruments and flight simulator systems for the General Aviation market. More information on TRC Simulators can be found at the website of TRC Simulators:


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