Can I connect the Simkits instruments and gauges to X-Plane?

X-Plane is officially not supported by us. However there are work around methods to get our gauges and instruments working in Xplane, here is what you need:

First you will need to install the X-Plane communication module called XPUIPC (1Mb – Instructions are in the Zip file):

Download and install the software for the complex gauges: (for the complex USB gauges, 5600 Kb). Once installed use “TRC_Calibration.exe” to calibrate and use “TRCUSBFsLink.exe” to link to X-Plane

Now download and install this software for the general gauges: Simkits USB Aircraft Gauge setup (2153 Kb)
Once installed use “USBGaugecalibration.exe” and “trc_attitude_calibration.exe” to calibrate and use “USBFSUIPCLink.exe” to link to Xplane.

If this X-Plane workaround does not work, there is one last odd step to take.
The described software needs files which are only installed with FSX service pack 2. In other words if you experience a software crash, it is very likely you will need to install FSX and FSX service pack 1 and 2. However, you do not need to use FSX, it only needs to be installed. This is an odd situation but right now it is needed to get the X-Plane work around to work. You can download FSX service pack 1 and 2 here:
Microsoft FSX Service Pack 1
Microsoft FSX Service Pack 2