Promotional Video for the TRC 472FG Flight Simulator System

The TRC 472FG resembles a Cessna 172 exactly. All inside measurments are exactly the same as in a real Cessna 172. This makes the TRC 472FG flight simulator not only a perfect training device, but also the best procedure training aid available.

When entering the TRC 472FG flight simulator, the student will step into an actual aircraft, with all instruments, knobs and controls on the location where you should expect them, instead of a generic cockpit with a panel that doesn’t resemble an actual plane. The resemblance between the real aircraft and the TRC 472FG is so striking, that you can hardly tell the difference between the both of them.

FAA Maneuvers

For the FAA certification of our TRC 472FG Flight Simulator System, we invited a flight instructor from Martinair Flight School to perform some of the required maneuvers in our TRC 472FG Flight Simulator System. These maneuvers can be seen in the following videos.

Steep turns & stalls

GPS Approach at night Flaps 10

ILS Approach Flaps 30

VOR Approach flaps 30